Should you send you daughter to the girl or boy scouts?

The boy scouts are changing. It used to be for boys but it is now including girls as well. The information below will help you make the right decision on which scouts you should send your daughter to:



  1. Values

The boy scout law is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

  1. Political leanings

The boy scouts believe in God and will learn related camping activities like tying slipknots and making fire.

  1. Activities

Boy scouts are required to meet with a scout master for progress review and appear before a board of review before advancing to the following level. The general activity both boy and girl scouts’ focus on are outdoor skills, community service activities, excursions and camping. Boy scouts also take part in activities like using a compass to walk, using a neckerchief to bandage, tent pitching, knot tying and lashing. Derby racing is also included, scout contacting around the world (Jamboree-on-the-Air) and camporees (camps taking part in events with other camps.

  1. Fundraisers

Boy scouts sell popcorn, poinsettias, flags, chocolate bars and wash cars to help raise funds.

  1. Leader autonomy

Boy scout leaders are generally provided with more direction than Girl scout leaders.

  1. Co-educational learning environment

Boy scouts focus on a co-educational learning environment. However, there are certain things they cannot offer that are only available in a girl scouts environment.



  1. Values

The girl scout law believes in being honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong and responsible for the things they say and do, respect for themselves, others and authority, proper utilisation of resources, making the world a better place and be a sister figure to every girl scout.

  1. Political leanings

The girl scouts have added social justice as one of their missions, featured well-known LGBT rights activists as role models and given back $100,000 from a donor against transgender troops. The girl scouts also believe they could replace the word “God” with whatever they had faith in while reciting the Girl Scout Promise. Girls also sell cookies, go camping, learn empowerment, diversity and social activism.

  1. Activities

The girl scouts’ rankings are based on the girl’s age and merit badges. Girl scouts’ focus on science, technology, engineering and math in which projects in computer programming, engineering and outdoor science are available. Outdoor activities like sports are given focus as well followed by life skills where girl scouts learn to deal with bullying, letter-writing campaign launch and make smart buying decisions. Girl scouts also learn entrepreneurship skills by selling biscuits.

  1. Fundraisers

The girl scouts raise funds by selling their renowned biscuits.

  1. Autonomy

The girl scouts control fund spending and tailoring of badges, activities, interests and plans.

  1. All girl environment

The things offered in a girl scouts environment are specially made for girls only and cannot be replicated by boy scouts.

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