Solar kits & projects for children

Solar-powered toys are a good way to educate children about solar energy and environmental responsibility. These entertaining toys can also spark children’s interest in science.

  1. DIY Solar LED Light Kids

Kids can create mason jar lights and Halloween lanterns using these kits.

  1. Solar USB Smart Phone

This kit can build a smartphone as quickly as a regular charger using solar power and parents need to guide their children on soldering techniques.

  1. Solar Lab 1.0

This kit teaches children basic solar knowledge regarding solar cells and how they work. It includes nine lab projects and instructions.

  1. Solar Bottle Boats Kit

Children can make solar powered bottles with this kit containing all the necessary materials.

  1. Thames and Kosmos Solar Power Plus and Photovoltaic Science Lab

Children can build 22 different models powered by solar with this science lab like an amphibious boat or an elevator. This kit has two solar panels and instructionals.

  1. Super Deluxe Solar Educational Kit

Children can use this kit to use solar cells for voltage production involved in objects like lights and motors.

  1. 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

14 different solar powered robots can be created using this kit containing entry level and advanced level kits.

  1. Frightened Grasshopper

This kit teaches children how solar cells work as the grasshopper moves when the solar panel exposed to sunlight.

  1. Solar Space Fleet

Children can make seven different space exploration models like a space station or a space dog.

  1. T4 Transforming Solar Robot

Children can make robots that transform into a T-Rex or a drill vehicle.

  1. Green Life

This kit contains a car attached to a house with a solar panel on top the house’s roof. Separating the car from the house will allow the car to race around freely.

We are also involved in solar projects with various companies in Southeast Asia from time to time. One of these companies shows us how to make solar panels in Malaysia and we transfer this knowledge across our various programmes. Sign-ups are coming up soon and we will keep you tuned in.

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